Handmade by Daisuke Nagano in Kochi, Japan


Mug hand-thrown in stoneware. Large in size and with a comfortable handle.


Nagano cut his own firewood and used it to fuel the Anagama kiln he built. The pots are in ash glaze mixed with ash of burned rice straw, a byproduct of his family’s farm, as well as the burned foliage from pomelo and pear trees, Kochi specialties grown by relatives and acquaintances. The pots with these glazes resemble the earth in color and texture. The final colour changes depending on the thickness of glaze, the type of plant he burned, and the way he fires the pots.


Dimension: w-12cm x h-9cm

Volume: 320ml

Price: HKD490 each


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Daisuke Nagano has created pottery inspired by nature and in doing so has also created his ideal form of pottery and his ideal lifestyle. Using a wood-firing kiln and ash glaze, he shows the essence of craftsmanship not only in the final product but also throughout the entire process. The pots he made bring warmth and peace into our home.

Ash-glazed Mug