Handmade by Takahiro Hosokawa in Okayama, Japan


Wood-fired bowl in Bizen clay. A balance of natural beauty, originality and harmony. Fully functional and easy to match with anything because of its simplicity.


Dimensions: w-31cm x h-5cm


Hosokawa specifically uses clay from the Bizen pottery region to create all of his works. It is said that Bizen clay in partiuclar is known to have water preserving qualities which allow flowers to last longer in Bizen vases and beer to be frothier in Bizen cups.


Inspired by the old Bizen style, Hosokawa-san’s pots are significantly more rustic and organic. Its reddish-brown colour radiate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. The more you use it, the more beautiful it will turn into.

Bizen Shallow Bowl