Handmade by Zin Hiraoka in Japan


Wood-fired vase in Bizen clay. A balance of natural beauty, originality and harmony. Fully functional and easy to match with anything because of its simplicity.


A unique coloration consists of gunmetal grey, dark grey, blue and white. This feature is caused by the chemical reaction of the iron contained in the clay with the carbon from the embers.


Dimensions: w-17.5cm x h-7.5cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Hiraoka specifically uses clay from the Bizen pottery region to create all of his works. It is said that Bizen clay in partiuclar is known to have water preserving qualities which allow flowers to last longer in Bizen vases and beer to be frothier in Bizen cups.


The woodfiring method allows for a natural ash glaze to be formed as well as variations in pattern according to differences in heat intensity within the kiln. Works of Hiraoka reflect his artistic sensibility with an emphasis placed on inner beauty and subtlety.

Small Bizen Vase