Title: Black Still-life Bottle

Artist: Akiko Hirai

Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: w-6cm x h-22.5cm


Handthrown and hand-carved bottle in stoneware. Akiko Hirai’s Still Life Bottles Series feel like they have been lifted out of a Georgio Morandi's painting. Pure and poetic, creating a calm atmosphere.


Akiko Hirai's quirky style has become renowned in the London pottery scene. Her creative sensitivity is contained within a quiet elegance, giving each piece a life and spirit of its own. She is always coming up with new shapes and forms through which her personality shines through keeping collectors of her work enamoured.


'Imagination and fantasy always reinforce the imperfection and achieve the perfection with its own originality. Therefore the completion of my work is done by the viewers. My work is a creation on its own.' -Akiko Hirai

Black Still-life Bottle