Handmade by Nakazono in Mashiko, Japan


Handthrown bottle in stoneware. Sophisticated colour combination that looks like a water-colour painting. Mostly in matte finishing.


'Tokkuri', sake bottle, can be used for chilled, room temperatured, and warm sake. It can also functions as an elegant flower vase with its slim neck and round body.


Dimensions: w-7cm x h-14.5cm

Volume: 270ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Shinsaku Nakazono has gained huge popularity in the Japanese pottery scene for his wonderfully neutral yet stunning pieces. The combination of conventional shapes with beautifully varied glazing makes every piece completely unique. His style has been spotted by many chefs and restaurants alike for its ability to accentuate the food that is being served. As a result, he has featured in countless food and pottery magazines.

Blue & Emerald Sake Bottle