Handmade by Masami Kobayashi in Kasama, Japan


Handthrown cups in stoneware clay mixed with purple stains. Crackled clear glaze laid on the surface creates a stunning effect. The rim is highlighted with gold. Comes in a pair with a wooden box signed by the artist. Ideal gift set for a couple.


Crazing has been considered as a beautiful decorative effect since the Song dynasty. As a pot cools down after a firing, if the glaze contracts more than the clay body, it cracks or crazes.


Dimensions: w-9cm x h-6.5cm

Volume: 150ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Masami Kobayashi has been living in Kasama since the early '70s. He is one of the wave of artists who immigrated there making it the exciting pottery region it is today. With his incredible range of striking art pieces, Kobayashi’s extensive resume boasts an impressive number of art prizes and prestigious exhibitions.

Crackled-Glazed Purple Pair Cup