Handmade by Kyohei Nakagawa in Karatsu, Japan


Handbuilt plate in stoneware. This type of Karatsu ware is created with glaze with high iron content. The degree of the shade would depend on the amount of the iron and acidity. Some are light brown to brown, whereas some are deep black. Regardless, all together, they are in general called Kuro-karatsu. Perfect for serving food or as a unique coaster.


Dimensions: w-17cm x h-1cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Kyohei Nakagawa creates beautiful Karatsu ware, a pottery style that has a very long history and has been considered as a good example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. After apprenticing at his family kiln, Nakagawa-san has taken over the kiln and continued giving his works an earthy, simple and natural feeling.

Karatsu Round Plate