Handmade by Hideki Yamashita in Isehara, Japan


Handthrown cup in stoneware. Characterised by a simple shape but strong colour. The iron content works to soften the water and make everything taste better. 


Dimensions: w-11.5cm x d-9cm x h-10.5cm

Volume of Pourer: 420ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Hideki Yamashita specialises in using a beautiful iron glaze that comes out as a range of pearly silvers to deep, dark blues. The colour and sheen of the glaze is affected by the positions inside the kiln and can be quite unpredictable. As a result, each one of his pieces is unique and irreplaceable. His works are particularly beautiful when enjoyed with a clear sake so that you can see the glaze shimmering.

Large Tenmoku Mug