Hand-blown by Daisaku & Nomichi Hashimura in Japan


Smooth tinted glass that captures the essence of natural beauty around us. Only one of each colour available. Sold individually.


Dimensions of Cup: w-7cm x h-11cm

Volume: 80ml

Price: HKD780 each


Daisaku Hashimura has worked in various places as a glass artist, not only around Japan but also going as far as Sweden to broaden the scope of his training. Using a variety of techniques, each and every one of his blown glass works is created to be one-of-a-kind, impossible to recreate in the exact same way. Although he blows the glass into shape, she has established an incredible technique of colouring the glass and then gently carving the outer layer away to reveal a pattern underneath. This is what gives her pieces their frosty matte texture. As the colouring and subsequent carving differs for each and every piece, it makes them truly unique.

Monet-series High-rise Glassware