Handmade by Masahiro Wadayama in Wakayama, Japan


Handthrown mug in white stoneware. Matte and smooth grey pink glaze. Fired in a reduction atmosphere.


Dimensions: w-13.5cm x d-11cm x h-5.5cm

Volume: 280ml


Handthrown plate in white stoneware. Glossy crackled glaze on top surface and matte pink on the other side. Can be paired up as a set of cup and saucer with the Matte Pink Mug.


Dimensions: w-12.5cm x h-1.5cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Masahiro Wadayama creates strong character pieces with vivid colours and beautiful shapes. He is obsessed with studying the variability of flowing glazes. He channels his artistic sense into his works and shows the diversity and beauty of ceramics.

Pink Cup & Saucer