Handmade by Hideaki Numano in Kasama, Japan


Hand-thrown pouring jug and sake cups in stoneware. The interior is coated with metaliic glaze. The exterior is hand-painted with slip and underglaze. Each piece of works carry some obvious brushstrokes and a unique character.


Dimensions of pourer: w-13cm x h-7cm

Volume of pourer: 170ml


Dimensions of Sake Cup: w-6.5cm x h-6.5cm

Volume of Sake Cup: 60ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Numano’s works are mainly glazed with layers of mud and decorated with bold red, gold and silver. Using music to give him rhythm, Numano creates his shapes with precise yet fluid movements. His relaxed and friendly nature is reflected in the warmth of his works.

Purple & Silver Sakewares