Handmade by Toshiyuki Sakai in Kasama, Japan


Handthrown bottle in stoneware. Sophisticated salt glaze and playful form.The dented form makes for a truly pleasing and conformable hold.


During the higher temperature part of the firing process, salt is thorwn into the kiln. Chemical reactions occur and form a glassy coating of sodium silicate on each of the pot. 


'Tokkuri', sake bottle, can be used for chilled, room temperatured, and warm sake. It can also functions as an elegant flower vase with its slim neck and round body.


Dimensions: w-8cm x h-12.5cm

Volume: 400ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Toshiyuki Sakai uses a special combination of glazing and traditional wood firing to create his pieces, the exact method of which is a fiercely guarded family secret.

Salt-glazed Sake Bottle