Handmade by Kenta Sato in Kasama, Japan


One-off decorative piece. Hand-carved spiral pattern which gives a highly textural surface. Dark glaze on the interior and matte finishing on the exterior. This is the perfect size to be a statement piece on any surface and in any room.


Dimensions: w-11.5cm x h-13cm


The secluded, peaceful surroundings of where they live and work are incorporated into the very soul of Sato's work. Both Kazumi and Kenta use similar materials that give their work an earthy, almost stone-like texture. The glazing techniques that they use require ten or more layers of mud glazing; a very time-consuming process.


Despite the similarities in technique however, each of their work has their own tone and style. Kazumi's work is generally very sleek, simple and elegant. She gives her pottery a feminine touch. In contrast, Kenta's work is very bold, strong, masculine in character. Together they create a beautiful collection of tableware that will impress on every occasion.

Spherical Vase