Handmade by Mutsumi Ohashi in Yamanashi, Japan


Hand-thrown lidded pot. The whole pot is not glazed but coated with layers of clay. Organic and textural. Can be used as a diffuser contaniner, or put the lid aside and use it as a flower vase. Sold individually.


Tall Lidded Pot

Dimensions: w-14cm x h-7.5cm (with lid)

Price: HKD780


Round Lidded Pot

Sold Out


Squarish Lidded Pot

Dimensions: w-9cm x h-8cm (with lid)

Price: HKD720


Mutsumi Ohashi uses traditional wood firing methods to create organic looking yet sophisticated ceramics. Using locally supplied red pine wood for firing as well as creating his own clay by mixing many different clays, this gives his pottery a textured character and natural look.

Textured Lidded Pot