Handmade by Kinya & Masako Furukawa in Kasama, Japan


Handthrown sakewares in stoneware. The exterior is beautifully painted with pink sakura on a turquoise background under a layer of glossy transparent glaze. 


Japanese cherry blossoms, or sakura, have been regarded as a symbol of Spring since the Heian Period (794-1185). The charming flower symbolises renewal, vitality, and beauty and is deeply ingrained in the art, literature and culture of Japan.


Dimensions of Pourer: w-14.5cm x h-11.5cm

Volume of Pourer: 360ml


Dimensions of Sake Cup: w-6.5cm x h-6cm

Volume of Sake Cup: 80ml


Kinya (born 1965) and Masako (born 1969) Furukawa are a husband and wife team who work together to make beautifully balanced and elegantly decorated pieces. Having studied under a number of famous potters, including Zenzo Hatano from the Hagi region, Kinya Furukawa throws and fires his own pieces reflecting the simple traditional style of the Hagi masters. 


Masako Furukawa graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and uses her illustration skills to beautifully decorate her husband's work. Her designs are based on traditional Japanese patterns, but she adds a splash of modernity to them creating elegant artwork that has a Western flavour. 

Turquoise & Pink Sakura Sakewares