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Handmade by Daisaku & Nomichi Hashimura in Japan


Matte surface with golden rim. A vase that complements any space.


Dimensions: w-4cm x h-9cm


Daisaku Hashimura has worked in various places as a glass artist, not only around Japan but also going as far as Sweden to broaden the scope of his training. Using a variety of techniques, each and every one of his blown glass works is created to be one-of-a-kind, impossible to recreate in the exact same way. A key feature in his works is his effective use of silver and gold leaf, each with their own beautiful landscape.


Hashimura credits his wife, Nomichi, for all of their watercolour-style works. Although he blows the glass into shape, she has established an incredible technique of colouring the glass and then gently carving the outer layer away to reveal a pattern underneath. This is what gives her pieces their frosty matte texture. As the colouring and subsequent carving differs for each and every piece, it makes them truly unique.

Vintage-style Blue Bottle by Hashimura

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