Handmade by Toshiyuki Sakai in Kasama, Japan


Handthrown pourer in stoneware. Unique and organic. Wood-fired between 1260 and 1370 degrees. Results are unpredictable due to the innumerable variables.


'Katakuchi', sake pouring jug, is not limited only to serving Japanese sake. It also can be used as a salad dressing pot, and also a vessel to serve many other dishes.


Dimensions: w-11.5cm x d-9cm x h-9cm

Volume: 380ml


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Toshiyuki Sakai uses a special combination of glazing and traditional wood firing to create his pieces, the exact method of which is a fiercely guarded family secret.

Wood-fired Sake Pouring Jug