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Hashimura Glass

Daisaku Hashimura has worked in various places as a glass artist, not only around Japan but also going as far as Sweden to broaden the scope of his training. Using a variety of techniques, each and every one of his blown glass works is created to be one-of-a-kind, impossible to recreate in the exact same way. Hashimura credits his wife, Nomichi, for all of their watercolour-style works. Although he blows the glass into shape, she has established an incredible technique of colouring the glass and then gently carving the outer layer away to reveal a pattern underneath.


Daisaku Hashimura

1974   Born in Tokyo, brought up in Peru, Spain and England

1996   Graduated from Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, major in Psychology

1997   Yokohama Glass studio apprentice, learnt to blown glass at Noto Island Glass Studio 

1998   K's Blowing Glass Studio (Otaru, Hokkaido) staff

2001   G. Glas Verk in Sweden production assistant

2002   Kokonotsui Tougo Glass Studio(Yokohama) management staff

2006   Started Glass Studio 206 Banchi with his wife Nomichi Hashimura

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