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Yutaro Kijima

Yutaro Kijima is a glass artist who specialises in hand-blowing and hand-polishing techniques. He named his polishing technique “Sakumon”, rather than “carving”, to emphasis the form of the work. Kijima doesn’t use any mold for his works. After blowing the glass, he polishes each using diamond polishers by hand. He creates shapes that are conscious of the space, not based on patterns. His glass is often polished into a frosted finish. That semi-transparent texture allows his work to hold and reflect the light.



1964   Born in Tokyo

Graduated from Meiji University (Faculty of Business and Commerce)

Graduated from Musashino Art University (Space & Design Course)

1992   Started making hand-blown glass

1994   Joined Pilchuck Glass School, Washington

1995   Nominated for Best Student by renowned glass artists, Lino Tagliapietra & Rudy Gritch

1996   Set up his own glass studio in Tokyo

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