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Souichi Kawaguchi

Living in a secluded house tucked away in the countryside, Souichi Kawaguchi gains inspiration from his peaceful surroundings. Using real leaves to create impressions in his work, Kawaguchi produces an earthy yet elegant style that reflects the beauty of nature. He adds a modern twist by using gold and silver foil as accents in his pieces. 


1956   Born in Tokyo
1978   Trained at Echizen Pottery Village
1980   Graduated from Ibaragi Prefecture Kiln-work Training and Research Centre

          Set up his own kiln in the Kasama area


Competitions and Prizes

1982   Japan Traditional Art Guild
1983   Japan Traditional Art Guild, Award for Original Creation
1984   Craft Exhibition
1988   Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
1990   Japan Traditional Art Guild, Award for Original Creation
2008   Ibaragi Ceramic Art Museum Exhibition: "The Story of Pottery"
2010   Ibaragi Ceramic Art Museum Exhibition: "Pottery and Motifs" & "The Kasama; Roots and Future"
2012   Ibaragi Ceramic Art Museum Exhibition: "Modern Ceramics in Ibaragi"

Private Exhibitions and Stockists

Oohashi Hall, Yuurakuchyo, Tokyo
Gallery Shun, Hiroo, Tokyo
Mitsukoshi Department Store
Takashimaya Department Store
Ecru+HM, Ginza, Tokyo
Gallery Mon, Kasama, Ibaragi
Kamagen, Kasama, Ibaragi
Moegi, Mashiko, Tochigi


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