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Maki Nakamura

The formation of bubbles in glass was originally considered as defect, or presented as a characteristic of old glass. However, Maki Nakamura uses bubble glass as a decorative process where bubbles are intentionally created in the glass. The bubbles are often uniquely irregular and ‘imperfect’. Every piece is hand-blown in her hot-shop glass studio, therefore subject to variations in size, colour and bubble effect.


Maki Nakamura


1997   Graduated from Kyoto city University of Arts

           Department of crafts, ceramics

1997   Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Hot Casting Class

1998   Niijima Glass Art Centre, Glass blowing class

1999   Graduated from Toyama institute of glass art 

2007   Set up Maki glass studio, Muko city, Kyoto 

2010 - 2011   Taught at Seikei University in Osaka

2008 - Now   Teaches at Kyoto city University of arts


Main Exhibitions & Prizes


1998   Selected by The International Glass Exhibition 

           Kanazawa 1998

2001   Charm of Glass exhibition at Himeji Art Museum 

2007   Selected by Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2007


Solo exhibition at Art galley in Takashimaya Kyoto and many others

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