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Eiichi Morita

A fine artist by profession, Eiichi Morita's pottery has a playful feel to it. The character of each piece is infused with his warm personality and as a result has been well received in a number of countries. He channels his artistic sensibilities into creating work that is not only interesting, but practical. No more so is this point further exemplified than the fact that Morita uses his pieces at his own coffee shop in his gallery in Kasama. 


1945   Born in Fukuoka
1972   Graduated from Meiji University
1977   Trained at Ibaragi Prefecture Kiln-work Training and Research Centre
1979   Set up own kiln in Kasama
1987   Set up Arts collective, G-Formation
1993   Created mural for Noha Building, Tokyo
1996   Apprentice for Karl Scheid in Buedingen, Germany
2001   Created a monument for Hitachinaka Ocean Park, Ibaragi, Japan
          Created art work for Mizunuma Dam, Ibaragi, Japan

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