Osamu Tsutsui

Perhaps the most celebrated of our potters, Osamu Tsutsui's work has a timeless modernity to it that completely captures his own enigmatic demeanour. Having been featured at world class institutions, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Tsutsui has gained fame with his stunningly unique, instantly recognisable style and highly skilled, precise work. He has gone on to teach a number of other now well established potters, including one of our own, Kazumi Sato. With an almost galactic quality, Osamu's pottery commands a stately presence amongst our collection.


1948 Born in Nagano, Japan
1969 Graduated from the Tokyo Craft Design Institute in Meguro

        Apprentice to Isamu Miura
1976 Set up his own kiln

Prizes and Exhibitions

1980 Ibaragi Craft and Art Exhibition, Prize for Excellence
1981 Ibaragi Craft and Art Exhibition, Prize for Excellence
1982 Kasama Ceramic Exhibition, Prize for Excellence
1984 Japan China International Ceramics Exhibition, Prize winner
1987 Itaya Hazan Show
1989 30th Ibaragi Craft Guild
        Exhibition of potters born in the Showa Era, Ibaragi Art Museum
1990 Workshop and talk at Columbus Art University, Ohio
1991 "Ceramics 91", Seibu Department Store
1994 Included in ceramics collection at Victoria and Albert Museum, London
1997 "Printemps des Potiers" Exhibition and workshop, Bandol, France
2000 Exhibition of Modern Ceramic Art in Ibaragi, Ibaragi Ceramic Museum
2003 Solo Exhibition at Geibun Gallery, Ibaragi
        Exhibition of Modern Ceramic Art in Ibaragi, Ibaragi Ceramic Museum
2006 "Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Ceramics" Exhibition at Musee National Des Ceramiques, Sevres, France
2007 "Japanese Modern Ceramics in Paris" Exhibition in Gallerie Helene Poree, France
2009 Japanese Contemporary Ceramics Auction in Paris
2011 His 12th Solo Exhibition in Matsuya Department Store, Ginza
2012 Ibaragi Ceramic Museum Exhibition "Spreading and Expanding Shapes"


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