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Takeshi Sakamoto

Takeshi Sakamoto creates his unique and wonderful pieces in the midst of Osaka’s rapidly growing arts scene. His warm and remarkable personality shine through each and every one of his works, making them a delight not only to look at but to use and hold in your hands. Most notable to his collection is the unusual combination of glazes that come together to form somewhat impressionist style paintings, each one reflecting a different mood and landscape. 



1973   Born in Neyagawa city, Osaka
           His father, Shuji Sakamoto, is a painter

           Graduated from Nanba Design College
1993   Apprentice to 2nd generation potter Ichino Shinsui at Tanba pottery region
1999   Set up his own kiln "Tatsumi Kiln" in Shinoyama City, Hyogo
2006   Moved to Sakai City, Osaka.

2018   Acted as a hand double to make pottery in a very popular Japanese film

2021   Became a master of flower arrangement of Usukumo Gosyoryu


Selected several times for The Eastern Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition and Hyogo Prefecture Craft & Art Exhibition

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