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Tamako Ito

Coming from an incredibly well respected lineage of ceramicists, Itoh’s works clearly show her depth of understanding for using clay and unique glazes. Unlike the very traditional works of her father’s, Motohiko Itoh - once a very famous ceramist from the Kasama pottery region, Tamako’s works show a playful side, reflecting her fine arts training. Having not only gone to one of the most prestigious universities of art in Japan, she then went on to do a masters degree in fine art. 

Through using bold block colours, Tamako's works stand out from other more muted ceramics. They however have a softness to them which is the essence of her personality that is infused into each and every piece. These works certainly appeal to art collectors and those who look past the purely functional aspect of their ceramic wares.


1976   Born in Kasama city, Ibaraki prefecture
2002   Graduated Tokyo University of Art, Art & Craft department, majoring in Ceramics
          Won Salon de Printemps prize
2004   Finished masters degree at Tokyo university of Art
2011   Ibaragi Design selection by Prefectural Governor

Past Exhibitions

2016   Modern Ceramic gallery Kandori (Hotel New Otani / 2007~2014)
           Keisei department store (Mito)
           Gallery Midori (Mashiko / 2011~2015)
2015   Gallery Ko (Shin Koenji / 2005~2014)
2014   Ibaragi Ceramic Art Museum
2011   Gallery Mon (Kasama / 2010)
2010   Nihonbashi Takashimaya (Nihonbashi / 2009、2007)
2009   Torifuku Gallery (Aoyama / 2008、2006) 
          Torindo (Aoyama / 2004~2008)
2008   Shinjuku Takashimaya (Shinjyuku / 2006)
2002   INAX Galleria Ceramica (Shinjyuku / Sapporo)

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