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Keita Suzuki

Keita Suzuki's works combine sculptural forms with a tactile exterior that is pleasant to hold. The texture and design on each piece are carved by hand and the surface is sometimes glazed or left unglazed. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, his works have a warm quality that is proving irresistible.




1985   Born in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture

2009   Graduated from Kyorin University

2013   Graduated from Yokohama Izumi Ceramics Academy

           Became an assistant in the academy (2013-2014)

2014   Set up a workshop on the Inage Coast in Chiba

2021   Moved to Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture


Awards & Exhibitions


Mino Ceramics Exhibition Encouragement Award (2019)

East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition (2015.2016)

Japanese Ceramics Exhibition (2017)

Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition (2017, 2022)

Contemporary Tea Pottery Exhibition (2018)

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