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Masami Kobayashi

A long, mysterious, winding drive away from the town of Kasama takes us to the cottage in the middle of the forest where our newest artist, Masami Kobayashi has been living since the early '70s. He is one of the wave of artists who immigrated to Kasama making it the exciting pottery region it is today. 


With his incredible range of striking art pieces, Kobayashi’s extensive resume boasts an impressive number of art prizes and prestigious exhibitions. He will definitely be an artist to watch in the 

Waka Collection.


1952   Born in Hokkaido

1972   Apprentice under Koji Nakano (Kasama pottery region)

1974   Ibaraki Art Festival 1st prize ('75 '78 won the prize)

1982   International Ceramic Festival won Gold prize

1984   Create ceramic wall art at University of Shinshyu 

1985   Japan and China International Ceramic festival

1990   Asahi Ceramic Festival 'Sydney Exhibition' selection - New South Wales museum 

1992   Ibarki Art Festival won Hazan Itaya prize

1993   Japan and Germany Ceramic festival exhibitor 

1994   Kasama and Mashiko ceramic festival won Mainichi Grand Prix Prize

1995   Exhibited at Japanese craft exhibition in Hamburg Germany

1995/1998   Public collection at museum in Germany

1996   35th Japan Modern Art Craft Exhibition won Modern Craft Grand Prix prize

1997   Japan Germany Cultural Exchange Exhibition in Germany

           Mito City International Association public collection

1998   Japan Germany Cultural Exchange in Hanover Germany

1998/1999   North Kanto Exhibition won Mainichi second prize

2000   Asia art festival in Taipei prize winner

           39th Japan Modern Art Craft Exhibition prize winner

           Galleria Naziinale delve Marche in Italy won Grand Prix prize 

2001   Casa Batllo (Barcelona) exhibition won Grand Prix prize

2002   Exhibition in Finland 

2003   China and Japan art exchange exhibition at Shanghai Museum prize winner

2004-2008   Exhibited at Salon Des Beaus Arts at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris 

2005   Japan France modern ceramic exchange exhibition at Kasama Nichido Museum

2006   Ceramic Exhibition at Musee National de Ceramique des Sevres (Paris)

2007   Solo exhibition in Paris

2008   Exhibited at 150th anniversary of Japan France Exhibition 

           Invitation from I.M.A exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2009   Exhibited CAMARD in Paris

2011   Solo Exhibition at Matsuya Department Store Art Gallery in Ginza 

2013   Public collection at Musee Cernuschi-Musee des Arts in Paris

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