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Kazumi & Kenta Sato

A long winding path through the mountainous forests of the Kasama region takes you to the beautiful home and gallery of the Sato's, a structure built with their own hands. The secluded, peaceful surroundings are incorporated into the very soul of their work. Both Kazumi and Kenta use similar materials that give their work an earthy, almost stone-like texture. The glazing techniques that they use require ten or more layers of mud glazing; a very time-consuming process.

Despite the similarities in technique however, each of their work has their own tone and style. Kazumi's work is generally very sleek, simple and elegant. She gives her pottery a feminine touch. In contrast, Kenta's work is very bold, strong, masculine in character. Together they create a beautiful collection of tableware that will impress on every occasion.


Kazumi Sato

1955   Born in Tottori, Japan
1982   Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
1992   Apprentice to Osamu Tsutsui, Kasama Pottery
1996   Set up own kiln

Kenta Sato

1959   Born in Sendai, Japan
1982   Graduated from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
          Working in public relations
1992   Moved to Kasama to learn the art of pottery
1996   Set up own kiln

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