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Douglas Black

Douglas’ works take functional tableware and transform them to a new dimension of unique creativity. The galactic patterns are created as individual universes contained in each piece, transforming the experience of the user. Different firings may create different effects in the transparent blue that he often uses, making each piece completely unique, requiring careful examination of the artwork as the food or beverage that it is being used for is consumed.


1967   Born in Lawrence, Kansas USA
1983   Determined our Planet Earth is deceived…
1987   Clay found me
1990   B.F.A., Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD),
           Glass, ceramic sculpture
           Awarded an Artist Visa by The Foreign Ministry of Japan
1992   Built independent kiln & studio in Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
1993   For our future: A member of Yusei-sha, GEOIDWORK.
           Stage Art Design, Performance & Ceramic, ’93 - ’97
2013   Sanam Chandra Art Gallery, Silpakorn University,
           Century of the East, Thailand
2014   Gallery Iwaki, -solo exhibition, Fukushima Pref. ’12
           Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Mungyeong, Korea. International Chasabal. ’12, ’13
           Namiseom International, Nami Island, Korea. ’12, ’13
           Yamani Ohtsuka Gallery Midori, 3 person exhibition, Mashiko, Japan. ’08, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13
           NIKI Club Resort, Shule im Berg -RIVER of DREAMS, Nasu
           Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah -USM, Penang Selsius, Malaysia
2015   Old Church Gallery-Vichte, Messages From Clay, Belgium
           Goctur Art Gallery, Mehmet Nuri Gocen 2nd International, Turkey
           HIJISAI, Outdoor installation, Under One Sky, Mashiko, Japan
           Vallauris Institute of the Arts/C K’OMSA, URNE, juried exhibition, France
           St. Bernardus Abbey, Chawan Expo, Belgium
           Westerwald Ceramic Museum, Keramik und Tee, Germany

Artist Statement

I have lived in Japan since 1990, consistently exhibiting ceramic art and other medium of sculpture. My works embrace the simplicity of function and extend into the creatively unique. My self-built home/studio/gallery is in the mountains of Tochigi, alongside the beautiful Naka River, amongst a warm-hearted agricultural community.

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