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Akihiko Ishijima

​Due to rigorous training under Hagi ceramicist, Kaneta Sanzaemon, Ishijima’s tableware is very much influenced by the Hagi style, some even using the classic ‘Oni Hagi’ crawling glaze. In addition to this, he also uses his wood-fired kiln to create some incredibly striking pieces using an iron glaze, reminiscent of the famous tenmoku ceramics from Kyoto. These works are special as their location in the kiln will completely affect the colour and texture of the very same glaze that you can see in all those pieces. However, his most unique works are by far his intricately crafted ‘2D’ works. For these pieces he has won many prestigious awards and participated in many exhibitions throughout Japan and overseas.


​​1954   Born in Tokyo
1974   Studied ceramics in Hagi under Sanzaemon Kaneta (7th Generation)
1979   Studied at the Skolen for Buruguskunst in Denmark
1981   Built kiln in Mashiko Town. Presently living in Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture.
1987   Japan Ceramic Exhibtion (Daimaru, Tokyo - ’93,’95,’97,’99,’03,’05,’07) 
1989   Nippon Kougeikai Award, “The Twenty-ninth Exhibition of Traditional Handicrafts - New Works”
1993   Grand Prize, “The 2nd Flower Vases Biennale”
1995   Second Place Award, “Tenri Biennale ’95”
1997   Douyusha Award “Tenri Biennale ’97”
1999   Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition (Takashimaya, Nihonbashi/Kyoto)
2006   Excellent Prize, “Sibaura-Island Sculpture Competition”
2013   Minister of Education Award, “Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition 2013”
            Excellence Award, “The Jingdezhen Ceramic Exposition”

Along with many other solo and group exhibitions across Japan and overseas.

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