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Handmade by Kyohei Nakagawa in Karatsu, Japan


Handbuilt plate in stoneware. Powdered Karatsu, also known as 'Kohiki', derives its name from its distinctive surface texture, resembling a powdery or whitish deposit. While the original clay color is brown, the pottery's surface undergoes a remarkable transformation, acquiring a stunning white hue through the addition of white muddy water.


Dimensions: w-18cm x d-18cm x h-1.5cm


Four finishings available:

- Matt White

- Semi Gloss White

- Semi Gloss Grey

- Semi Gloss Beige


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly


Kyohei Nakagawa creates beautiful Karatsu ware, a pottery style that has a very long history and has been considered as a good example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. After apprenticing at his family kiln, Nakagawa-san has taken over the kiln and continued giving his works an earthy, simple and natural feeling.

Powdered Karatsu Round Plate by Kyohei Nakagawa

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