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Handmade by Kyohei Nakagawa in Karatsu, Japan


Handthrown sake cup in stoneware. Comes with a wooden box signed by the artist. Chosen Karatsu ware embodies the art of combining contrasting glazes, specifically a rich iron ash glaze ranging from black to amber and a delicate rice straw ash glaze in white. These glazes are meticulously applied either vertically or horizontally, creating a captivating interplay of colors.


The fusion of white, blue, purple, and yellow hues resembles a cascading waterfall, as the glazes blend and merge in unpredictable ways. Such fluid transformations on the surface of the pottery capture the essence of Chosen Karatsu, evoking the beauty and unpredictability of natural landscapes.


Dimensions: w-7cm x h-5cm

Capacity: 70ml


Kyohei Nakagawa creates beautiful Karatsu ware, a pottery style that has a very long history and has been considered as a good example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. After apprenticing at his family kiln, Nakagawa-san has taken over the kiln and continued giving his works an earthy, simple and natural feeling.

Chosen-Karatsu Sake Cup by Kyohei Nakagawa

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