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Handmade by Akiko Hirai in London


Large glazed stoneware bowl in 'kohiki' style. The exterior is in matt white and the interior is transparent-glazed. Classic and beautiful, hand-carved exterior petal bowl is one of Akiko Hirai's signature pieces. Perfect as a salad bowl, a fruit bowl, a decorative centerpiece etc. 


Dimensions: w-29cm x h-13.5cm

Year of Production: 2023


Akiko Hirai's quirky style has become renowned in the London pottery scene. Her creative sensitivity is contained within a quiet elegance, giving each piece a life and spirit of its own. She is always coming up with new shapes and forms through which her personality shines through keeping collectors of her work enamoured.


'My preference of choosing types of clay when making white ware is the dark and coarse clay most of the time. The whiteness acts as a membrane or a veil. The hints of the true nature of the material appear slightly on the surface.' -Akiko Hirai

Flower Petal Large Bowl by Akiko Hirai