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Handmade by Kyohei Nakagawa in Karatsu, Japan


Handthrown sake cup in stoneware. Comes with a wooden box signed by the artist. Madara Karatsu ware is created by the fusion of opaque glaze with rough clay, resulting in a distinctive mottled appearance. This style is particularly popular for tea bowls and sake cups


The earliest Madara Karatsu wares were produced at the base of Mt. Kishidake in the late 16th century. Nakagawa's kiln offers a diverse range of colors, from milky white to bluish or reddish tones. These colors undergo fascinating transformations during firing, resulting in rich and unique combinations.


Dimensions: w-7cm x h-5cm

Capacity: 70ml


Kyohei Nakagawa creates beautiful Karatsu ware, a pottery style that has a very long history and has been considered as a good example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. After apprenticing at his family kiln, Nakagawa-san has taken over the kiln and continued giving his works an earthy, simple and natural feeling.

Madara-Karatsu Sake Cup by Kyohei Nakagawa

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